What You Need to Know about The Harmonist’s Line of Fine Fragrances

What You Need to Know about The Harmonist’s Line of Fine Fragrances

the harmonist logoFragrances are an integral part of many men’s and women’s lives, but a quality fragrance does more than smell good -perfumes and colognes have been shown to boost people’s mood and confidence and are often associated with pleasant memories. Some fine fragrances even interact with body chemistry, releasing pheromones that reportedly attract the opposite sex. Regardless of the reason you wear perfume, the ingredients are an important part of creating and choosing a high-quality fragrance.

The Harmonist is a fragrance line that has blended the power of scent with the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui. It offers a precious collection of elixirs to empower and create balance in the lives of men and women. Each fragrance is an embodiment of the 5 elements of Feng Shui: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Each fragrance is intricately created with a variety of natural ingredients that blossom beautifully with the warmth of skin.

Top notes are sometimes called head notes and are usually the lightest notes in a fragrance; they are the most prominent aspect of the scent when a perfume is first applied. Middle notes, also called heart notes, usually consist of fruity or floral tones and are more apparent over time and are usually only noticed once the top notes begin to dissipate. And finally, base notes appear after all of the top notes have evaporated. Base notes linger for a long time after application and are usually only apparent during what is called the dry-down period.

Top, middle, and base notes are essential for multi-dimensional fragrances that leave a lasting impression. Here is a discovery of ingredients in some of our elemental fragrances, and more can be found on theharmonist.com.


Magnetic Wood

A green, floral fragrance, Magnetic Wood is a light, refreshing scent guaranteed to boost the mood. This scent is reminiscent of Nature’s rejuvenating energy, delighting the senses with exotic plant essences from around the world. Magnetic Wood is a well-rounded fragrance with top notes of green mandarin, osmanthus, and bergamot; middle notes of iris, mimosa, and daffodil; and base notes of gaiac, sandalwood, and cedar.


Desired Earth

Desired Earth– the name alone seeks to convey the sheer intensity of this fragrance. This earthy perfume is sure to become a timeless classic with its prominent musky undertones and the refreshing infusion of Japanese shiso leaves and violet leaves for balance. Desired Earth is comprised of ambrette, shiso, and violet top notes; middle notes of single malt accord and immortal flower; and tolu balsam, cade wood, and patchouli base notes.



Matrix Metal

A futuristic scent, Matrix Metal sets the senses ablaze and titillates the senses by conjuring up an image of luminous metal. Matrix Metal relies on the scents of woods and ambers, combined with the subtle scent of juniper berries to conjure up images of glowing metal as it is forged. Top notes in Matrix Metal include landes pine, saffron, and metallic notes. Middle notes such as juniper berries, aldehydes, and sclarene provide just the right amount of balance, and base notes of amber, vetiver, and myrrh leave an enduring scent.


Guiding Water

A calming fragrance sure to transport the wearer, Guiding Water heightens the senses like the light of dawn caressing rain-washed flowers. It is a refreshing scent with cool floral notes that provide a delicate fragrance, enveloping the wearer with an air of liquid mystery. Guiding Water’s top notes include ozonic accord, watermelon, and aquatic notes, while middle notes of lotus flower, cyclamen, and jasmine add a floral twist. Base notes of white musk, pink peppercorn, and lys round out this subtle fragrance, giving it lasting appeal.

The power of fragrance has been known to transform moods and connect us to powerful memories, both of which help us escape from the mundane and relieve stress. Perfume is an important part of mood-boosting activities, and the power of scent is undeniable.

The Harmonist have mastered the art of harnessing the best nature has to offer, providing the wearer with a way to show individuality and escape the stress of life, even if only for a moment. The Harmonist also offers Yin and Yang travel collections, which feature portable fragrances of all 5 elemental fragrances on the Yin or Yang versions, perfect for creating harmony and balance anytime, anywhere. Each scent is also available in candles in gorgeous glass vessels, allowing you to bring the harmony of fine fragrances into your home. To try the scents, fragrance samples can be ordered directly from The Harmonist website, theharmonist.com.

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